Tuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency Charge

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125x22(5050)147x22(5050)156x22(5050)160x22(5050)165x22(5050)170x22(5050)175x22(5050)180x22(5050)190x22(5050)200x22(5050)220x22(5050)240x22(3585)240x22(4085)240x22(4585)240x22(5050)240x22(5085)240x22(6085)240x22(7085)single tongnewithout mortise lock
BlackRose Gold
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Main Feature

1. 5 unlock ways: Fingerprint, Password, IC Card, Mechanical Key ,APP

2. Carved alloy Material Built Strong enough to protect your home;

3. Indoor double lock knob gives you one more safeguard;

4. Emergency power supply in case of lost power;

5. Low battery warming. One time full charge can work about 3 month.
6. English Voice and menu

7. Query unlock records in the lock

8. Suit for Lots of door type: Wooden door, stainless steel door, bronze door, Double door, Old-fashioned security doors

9. Left Open and Right Open All compatible

Tuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency Charge
Tuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency ChargeTuya Wifi Electronic Smart Door Lock With Biometric Fingerprint / Smart Card / Password / Key Unlock/ USB Emergency Charge

Additional information

Brand Name






Model Number


Unlock Method

Fingerprint, Password, IC Card, Mechanical Key ,APP

APP Name

Tuya Smart Life

Suit For Door Type

Wooden, stainless steel, bronze, Double, Old-fashioned security doors


Black,Rose Gold


alumnium alloy


Support USB chagre


English Voice and menu

Working Voltage

4pcs AAA battery.

Handle direction

Left Open and Right Open All compatible

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192 Reviews For This Product

  1. 192

    by J***r

    Arrived on time, store respond quickly. Recommend

  2. 192

    by H***n

    Installed successfully by myself. But, there is minor issues (maybe I dont know how to setup): 1) The Tuya smart dont have a function to use app to unlock 2) There is no alert being triggered when passcode bruteforce attemp

  3. 192

    by A***o

    Beautiful and works perfectly.

  4. 192

    by L***a

    Amazing product. Much better than thought. Quality material very good and came in Portuguese.

  5. 192

    by A***s


  6. 192

    by 0***r

    Until I did not oral it seems to work, but came all in scratches

  7. 192

    by C***k

    Super fast. Recommend 100%!

  8. 192

    by M***s

    Good product, well packed and beautiful. Arrived fast and without charges. Seller care to send the product already speaking Portuguese which facilitated the configuration. Could not make the temporary password in app Tuya, generates and opens the lock, apparently not works, but displays information opening and closing normally.

  9. 192

    by M***s

    Important note specifications of your door before buy.

  10. 192

    by B***r

    Arrived super fast and all choice made even buying size old door lock, still had to hold a new hole, but super quiet and working perfectly. Recommended!!!

  11. 192

    by G***i

    Loved the lock! Was as expected. Super satisfied.

  12. 192

    by D***v

    I came until I checked. The box is broken, the lock is intact. Delivered in 2.5 weeks.

  13. 192

    by G***s

    The lock is beautiful and extremely functional. Super recommend. Arrived very quickly in Brazil and was easy installation.

  14. 192

    by A***e

    No manual in Portuguese

  15. 192

    by T***R

    Excelent, easy to configure and well done product. The documentation may be better.

  16. 192

    by G***i

    I really, really, really loved this one. I saw on the internet some mixed reviews, but for this price point there just isn’t anything better on the market! I am thinking of buying another one for the kitchen door, because it is really good! The best part is the biometric sensor, very responsive and fast! Like an iphone…. Thank you so much! I give it 5 stars easily. Of course, if I had more money to spend maybe i would have bought another one, but to be better than this one it would have to be a LOT more expensive, at least 3/4x more expensive to convince me to buy. For this price, this is the best!

  17. 192

    by R***s

    Excellent product quality and easy installation. And the good is already came in Portuguese.

  18. 192

    by D***a

    Product quality. Very fast. Taxed in R$ 141,00, still worth it. Seller shipping audio with Portuguese Brasil.

  19. 192

    by J***r

    Excellent Product, easy to install and program, plus was in Spanish what favored the configuration

  20. 192

    by L***a

    The lock is very pretty and come with 2 cards (tags). Come with all necessary hardware for installation. Manual in English, but is a little confusing. But there are videos online teaching install. Still not installed, because need adjust the door.

  21. 192

    by L***n

    Very good quality and easy to install! But the issue of use it by app is a little different than I imagined, not only sync and by app click a button it opens the door… You need after make the sync in app, when trying to open the door you should enter keyboard door “9 #” and so on app you will receive a notification with the request to open the door, then yes you can open the door by app.

  22. 192

    by C***e

    Perfect description and the fastest shipping already received, am very satisfied.

  23. 192

    by A***A

    Very good, like, but was taxed at 140 real, very good quality! Could not integrate with Alexa, but Tuya is working well, handle speaks Portuguese, has digital unlock, password and 2 tags.

  24. 192

    by W***o

    Lock very good, exceeded my expectations. Already came in Portuguese language. Taxed in R$ 141,12. I even made the installation, however it must have the right tools to make holes in the door and open the hole Portal (drill and chisel). Needed cut the center pin as seen in the last picture because it is for very thick, our Brazil are thinner. Only downside is that even in silent mode to unlock it emits a sound Gora water however nothing much bother. Overall recommend, has a cost benefit.

  25. 192

    by D***v

    I liked the product and fully corresponds to the description. To install and configure had to use the Internet, but there are no problems with it, the information is in prosperity. The store sent the order quickly, the delivery was carried out exactly on time, as indicated by the seller. Recommend

  26. 192

    by A***i

    I asked for the black color and paid its value and then the store sent me the lack of color and after negotiations returned to me $30 and choose another color Thanks to the seller for his response

  27. 192

    by M***s

    All OK, works perfectly. Open not only remotely as I thought

  28. 192

    by R***r

    Very good.

  29. 192

    by Y***i

    Very good.

  30. 192

    by H***i

    The lock is exactly as advertised. Neither more nor less. Taxed in 150,00. Unless you have very knowledge, I recommend hiring a professional for installation. To perform some holes and fix the positioning. The setup is simple and care to send in the Portuguese language. The only downside is that she scratched. Apparently not comes with a protective film, it could avoid this is “mute” makes noise when unlock mode.

  31. 192

    by P***a

    Sensational lock system, including already bought once.

  32. 192

    by V***s

    Arrived super fast, received in 7 days, was surprised with the speed of delivery. Like the lock is very good, very resistant, great quality. Is very easy to installation. Highly recommend this lock, can buy without fear. The store was very attentive, took all my questions.

  33. 192

    by K***e

    Everything worked and Ben arrived fast, was attentive.

  34. 192

    by Customer

    Lock very cool, like the experience but only problem this model is not connected always to WiFi, but otherwise very good

  35. 192

    by A***n

    The delivery is excellent for two days, but the product is excellent, but the store is not color.

  36. 192

    by J***a

    Arrived in perfect working order. will keep buying with the store

  37. 192

    by I***r

    Very good lock, 2 weeks to chile and easy to use.

  38. 192

    by V***r

    Great Paraíba arrived very fast to the northern coast lock, just 4 days the store is congratulated not only with the commitment as honored the lock even way ad.

  39. 192

    by K***s

    Perfect. Sorry that missing two screws, but could solve. Was taxed at 144,00

  40. 192

    by A***r

    Figured out only with the help of video from yutuba, time will show how to work will

  41. 192

    by S***a

    Perfect, worth buying, very attentive and fast

  42. 192

    by P***s

    Great store. Products in Brazil

  43. 192

    by B***o

    Material quality. Configuration a little confusing. Need install the door. All arrived in order.

  44. 192

    by M***a

    received and tested. it works but there’s no app unlock. the audio feedback is annoying and there are no volume adjustments to turn it down

  45. 192

    by H***R

    Lock excellent! If you choose by color rosé, shipping will be direct Rio, logo, do not risk through customs! Arrived in 1 week savior. The installation is simple, requires woodworker drill and tools, in my case, I used a drill and a knife to make cuts in wood, was not easy! On the use, is necessary to register the digital card, code, direct in lock. The network connection WiFi only manually by lock. I am using a week, and it is great! Great practicality! And of course I left in silent mode, cuz the audios are noisy.

  46. 192

    by B***a

    Like product, extremely easy to install. For future buyers that already have a lock on the door, can buy the most economical choice because you can enjoy the original core of lock itself. Excellent quality, in Portuguese, received in just 4 days shipping made from Brazil.

  47. 192

    by K***r

    Delivery month. Packing no, shipment package and brand box with paralol. The quality of plastic is good. Description matches. The lining on the door is just no, I would do better in the garage. I did not immediately understand, I had to apply brains. In general, I’m happy. I advise fans of such things. You can take it.

  48. 192

    by A***a

    Request received confirm advertised by store. Very fast and quality. Recommend and just buy more with this seller and recommend the agility and fast shipping and delivery.

  49. 192

    by Y***o


  50. 192

    by V***a

    The ad says can unlock remotely, which is partially true. Remote unlocking is only possible if someone enter the code lock panel request. The second lock only activated rotating the knob in the opposite direction (up). That being said, the lock is great, beautiful and functional. Meet your main purpose is eliminating the use of keys.

  51. 192

    by R***o

    As product specification and super fast + – 10 days.

  52. 192

    by N***a

    Lock top! Was taxed at 170 dollars but worth it anyway!

  53. 192

    by B***a

    Lock lindaaaaa… Amazingly, arrived in 4 working days, ordered in 6th and arrived on next. Loved and recommend

  54. 192

    by L***m

    Good store arrived perfect

  55. 192

    by C***s

    Was taxed at 141 dollars, still worth it because the lock has more functions than are sold in Brazil by same price. Not had problems installing itself, but the setting was very difficult even coming in Portuguese. A point of attention: not tighten the screws that go up and down, because when they are very tight lock opens out for any user not registered. Until now not understood what a thing to do with the other, just know that was so and take long time to figure it out!

  56. 192

    by A***z

    Arrived fast good quality

  57. 192

    by M***z

    WOW! works really nice!

  58. 192

    by L***a

    Works very well. Thank you! Very beautiful.

  59. 192

    by G***a

    Very good

  60. 192

    by G***p

    Excellent product. Came already configured in Portuguese BR. Only fit was in shaft knob, cuz my door is very thin.

  61. 192

    by G***s

    Works perfectly. The app for iOS has all the features. But works on Android.

  62. 192

    by O***o

    Good product, polished, fast delivery. Only found very fragile screws!!! Am reviewing it will leave this lock because is easy to tear off it!!!

  63. 192

    by R***a

    The lock is great beauty unmatched, well built in aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, speaks Portuguese very clear, is not a robotic voice as the other. Will launch a detailed on YT video how to install it on an iron door, the techniques are also to wooden doors to sign up on Arsenal technological

  64. 192

    by J***o

    Very good!!! All right

  65. 192

    by Customer

    Super fast delivery to NZ. The lock comes with the store descriptions. Easy to set up and install.

  66. 192

    by A***o

    Excellent, installed already and has worked very well

  67. 192

    by A***O

    The cost benefit is very good, but the equipment has defect in basic operation it (it opens alone); to read a comment here, discovered that can occur due to tightening screw, and to loosen the 2 screws, handle returned to work normally… will do some more testing

  68. 192

    by A***i

    perfect store

  69. 192

    by D***s

    Great product. Came as the description.

  70. 192

    by B***b

    Missing Pieces

  71. 192

    by A***s

    Excellent lock. Sturdy product, excellent quality. Will new purchase.

  72. 192

    by E***s

    Excellent material, recommend!

  73. 192

    by D***d

    Arrived in 5 days very fast

  74. 192

    by R***a

    Others recommend buying. Excellent Product, arrived super fast and works very well.

  75. 192

    by A***r

    Operation and kinda complicated and manual does not help. Application for nothing, only to register temporary password. Biometrics and good!!! Not enjoying, but price is good

  76. 192

    by K***i

    The product is good because there are cracks but the programming is complex need to explain

  77. 192

    by A***a

    Arrived very fast and is exactly like the store described… but am thinking well confusing his system, it does not respond to commands app on my phone, but can configure direct lock. Would be 10/10 if the system was more easy to moveThe product is very beautiful and works very well!

  78. 192

    by A***i

    The device is excellent but a little tired in the programming, especially the lack of a clear and accurate manual

  79. 192

    by D***o

    Well packed and exactly as described recommend the store

  80. 192

    by M***U


  81. 192

    by I***a

    The product is exactly what is in AD, product quality, the post was made shortly after and arrived very fast. I am very pleased and recommend.

  82. 192

    by J***a

    Very good product! Great quality, good functionality, and fast delivery. Like all

  83. 192

    by N***a

    Lock very top, installed in iron, almost same as, just some adjustments in esmilhadeira, biometrics very fast, excellent quality heavy material, am very happy.

  84. 192

    by F***e

    The product arrived well packaged and apparently all right. Very beautiful the lock. Will hold installation here and then update the comment with photos and talking is working properly.

  85. 192

    by J***s

    Like the material and finishes. (photo appears about scratches but is the protectorate film that was still not removed) store, solve if there is some problem. Posted very fast, arrived in 48hrs. Fast! RS. The config is not so simple, but solvable. Only made the config, but still no time to install. Worth buying. Product is already in Brasil, so comes fast and without risk of surcharges. Who lives in cond with concierge can have this lock quietly.

  86. 192

    by E***i

    Ótimo custo benefício

  87. 192

    by L***o

    Product received without problems, works smoothly and its installation is simple if changed to an ordinary knob. The app may not have much use, users cannot be added from it and although administrators are designated from the app the lock does not see them that way.

  88. 192

    by R***s

    Quality product!! Exceeded my expectations!

  89. 192

    by D***s

    Apparently excellent quality, perfect, came well packed, despite the box have been tamed but the content was intact, super protected. Fast shipping, arrived fast in Brazil, but as usual the custom house late to do the analysis. Paid tax import, but yet compensated and the purchase, super recommend the product, store note 10. can buy without fear!

  90. 192

    by M***r

    Thank you, great store and classy transaction

  91. 192

    by M***r

    The lock is very beautiful and easy to use, but the size must be taken into account. The lock decor is wide compared to the normal lock. You need to take a lock more deeply to fit I asked the store and sent me a size of 60. I thank the seller for the good deal.

  92. 192

    by G***a

    Very good. All as the discretion. Beautiful Beautiful

  93. 192

    by S***s

    Very beautiful and sturdy, but thorough to assemble.

  94. 192

    by G***F

    Exactly as described! Recommend

  95. 192

    by S***s

    Very beautiful, safe and durable

  96. 192

    by R***o

    Very good, biometric recognition and assertive, better than other model own.

  97. 192

    by J***d


  98. 192

    by M***o

    The amount paid is great

  99. 192

    by R***r

    Lock very good, app works right excellent security. Battery lasts Mt

  100. 192

    by M***a

    Wonderful product, excellent quality, recommend.

  101. 192

    by A***a

    Came just 2 tags. All other announced here has 5. otherwise all same as described.

  102. 192

    by Customer

    great Quality fast delivered

  103. 192

    by A***s

    The store is very helpful and helpful

  104. 192

    by R***o

    Lock very beautiful, easy install, recommend to everyone.

  105. 192

    by A***i

    Product quality, worth it!

  106. 192

    by Customer

    It is not the first time that I buy this key, it is impressive in every sense of the word and the store is very wonderful in cooperation and dealing

  107. 192

    by A***l

    It came with excellent packaging and fast shipping in 5 days. Thank you to the store for the classy transaction

  108. 192

    by Customer

    Complicated, came a braid different! Posted the first picture is the ad and the second reached! The delivered is small and insecure; the electronic part is excellent! Came in Portuguese, but if not exchange the lock can not use. Delivered very fast

  109. 192

    by S***r

    It was programmed by a simple YouTube clip and was not installed within less than a month

  110. 192

    by M***n

    Good,I used now around 1 week,it’s working well

  111. 192

    by V***o

    Like product already installed

  112. 192

    by B***d

    I recommend it.

  113. 192

    by W***o

    Arrived within promised time, item as described, found the lock beautiful, modern design and work as suggested. I recommend.

  114. 192

    by E***i

    very professional and very helpful. they responded to all my questions on time.

  115. 192

    by M***i

    Easy installation and arrived on time

  116. 192

    by Customer

    Excellent product quality. Very beautiful and durable. Work well with the SmartLife, but is not compatible with Google Home.

  117. 192

    by P***r

    Too beautiful, always wanted one, now that put a, will buy more haha!

  118. 192

    by Customer

    Product quality in general is very good, only cover battery area which in my opinion could have a better finish and a screw for not be so easy open and remove the batteries.

  119. 192

    by A***n

    I got the lock just a few days after ordering and it was all well and i got someone to install it but turns out the body of the lock was not fit for my door and i contacted them and thankfully they are sending the correct measure of the body to me again. Thank you again and i’ll be waiting anxiously for the lock body’s arrival.

  120. 192

    by D***o

    Product as described, very beautiful, still not tested will change the door and install the new. Taxed in R$ 136,00 still worth it.

  121. 192

    by J***l

    Not easy setting, operation manual isn’t correct.

  122. 192

    by R***s

    Difficult configuration, instructions should come in various languages, good quality

  123. 192

    by M***o


  124. 192

    by C***a

    Product shipped in perfect condition, not yet installed but came with all items mentioned.

  125. 192

    by S***s

    Received the product in two parter, first came just the latch, found had sent wrong, but after arrived to lock all right

  126. 192

    by L***a

    Product took to arrive, had a delay to leave the country of origin, more arrived. Lock itself and of very good quality and installation and easy, met my expectations!

  127. 192

    by T***s

    Last date.

  128. 192

    by P***a

    My request was lost after arriving Brasil was very upset after opening a dispute the store entered contact me and send me another super satisfaction come well packed super fast can purchase Q arrives Still not installed

  129. 192

    by Customer

    The appearance of pieces are of good quality, not installed and tested the operation. Had a problem that received only the mechanical lock, talked to the store that promptly sent the missing parts. Very serious am satisfied.

  130. 192

    by R***s

    Excellent Product, arrived perfect

  131. 192

    by A***s

    I have ordered Rose gold color, but received black one. The door lock should be packed better, otherwise everything is scratched as if used. The delivery was fast.

  132. 192

    by S***a

    Ótimo produto

  133. 192

    by W***r

    Beautifully finished product and works perfectly. Is not very simple installation in door but with patience and attention is possible. Taxed, but recommend! Worth!

  134. 192

    by O***m

    Very excellent and the store responds first B and its price is excellent

  135. 192

    by F***s

    As announced

  136. 192

    by G***g

    The store is very wonderful and responds to any inquiry in record time also shipping very fast arrived within five days to Saudi Arabia jeddah The device is excellent and supports the Arabic language, but its only flaw is that you receive alerts on the Toya program if one plays in the lock

  137. 192

    by H***h

    I asked now. And pressed the delivery was accidentally .. I did not receive the product .. What do I do?

  138. 192

    by A***r

    Product arrived as expected! Only problem was taxed and had a problem the shipping with the store! But it was super helpful and helped us to solve! Recommend product

  139. 192

    by A***d

    The lock is very practical and more than the finest. This is the third time I ask him to actually facilitate life, but its composition is easy to expect,

  140. 192

    by T***h

    Very good lock and polished, but access to Tuya application was very weak, not operates all functions that the app provides access functional getting just the history and the request remote access that need the user type a remotely unlock code lock for receiving the request, Otherwise the user does not release the lock by app without this request.

  141. 192

    by S***o

    Excellent! Very good product. He arrived in 2 weeks in Chile. It came without cards, but the supplier offered to send immediately. I recommend.

  142. 192

    by S***y

    Fast shipping

  143. 192

    by Customer

    Loved! Arrived fast and all right. As I bought two locks, will post and evaluate the other when I installed because I did separate purchase.

  144. 192

    by Customer

    I bought two and I hope the price is rising because the increase in the price is urgent

  145. 192

    by O***o

    This is the third time I ask, I strongly advise everyone to install it

  146. 192

    by A***s

    Otimo store

  147. 192

    by B***d

    He arrived in just five days, which is good.

  148. 192

    by Customer

    Arrived well packed before schedule Still do the installation for test

  149. 192

    by R***o

    Still not tested, but apparently has high quality. Very beautiful and full. Hope it works

  150. 192

    by G***g

    The store is wonderful and responsive quickly to any query Shipping is very fast arrived within 5 days to Jeddah Saudi Arabia The lock supports Arabic and its programming is very simple ossna very much

  151. 192

    by Customer

    Very good product, easy to install and configure. Faithful to preach.

  152. 192

    by D***a

    Very good, easy to set up in app SmartLife

  153. 192

    by V***o

    Excellent Product, works very well and it is noted that it is of good quality.

  154. 192

    by Customer

    Convenient price fast delivery

  155. 192

    by Customer

    Great product and store was very helpful

  156. 192

    by A***s

    Good product. Came in 5 days. Nice finishing and well packed.

  157. 192

    by A***s

    Was taxed at 118,00 arrived within 15 days. Lock is top I even installed, if you have basic knowledge about save a chisel. Will good

  158. 192

    by C***S

    Very good, beautiful and working properly! Arrived very fast.

  159. 192

    by R***r

    Excellent quality lock, arrived in 6 days.

  160. 192

    by A***s

    Very good product. Came in perfect condition, as bought stock Brasil arrived very fast and obviously not be taxed. Single detail that tightening the screw need be very accurate, otherwise lock handle. The app is simple. Unique functions it: generate code temporary, receive notification to unlock the door and release access when someone presses * 9 # Recommend

  161. 192

    by L***s

    great product. it’s easy to configure.

  162. 192

    by J***o

    Very satisfied with the lock, material quality easy installation and configuration and already came with Portuguese language-br

  163. 192

    by D***a

    Seller answer super fast, really assuming Brasil. Arrived in 4 days. Recommend.

  164. 192

    by Y***n

    Very nice door lock All family members have been added a responsive fingerprint And very sensitive. If on your finger cream sometimes does not respond well from the first time

  165. 192

    by P***v

    Had to adjust the central connection because of the door thickness.

  166. 192

    by E***a

    I order not the first time, very pretty, the only thing with the instruction is to understand it is necessary to configure all the functions

  167. 192

    by Customer

    Very good

  168. 192

    by A***a

    I arrive well, it feels good materials. Still uninstalled. After installing I share a update of its operation

  169. 192

    by L***y

    Running smoothly and fast shipping. Already recommended for other people.

  170. 192

    by W***a

    Good quality product. Has no internal lock to lock total intruders.

  171. 192

    by Customer

    All right! Fast and as advertised. Recommend.

  172. 192

    by J***a


  173. 192

    by E***s

    Rewarding 100%

  174. 192

    by C***o

    Excellent product and good quality!!!

  175. 192

    by A***I

    On trial.

  176. 192

    by M***m

    All OK.. Did Q iron door turns Wood

  177. 192

    by M***i

    Super fast delivery took about 24 hours also high quilty and work well thanks The store shipped from inside Saudi Arabia and the shipping is very fast almost one day and delivers high quality for the lock

  178. 192

    by G***e

    Product as described in ad

  179. 192

    by E***s

    Excellent Product, works perfectly and already configured in Portuguese language BR. Product of Brasil, took about 5 days arrive.

  180. 192

    by S***o

    Arrived fast, less than 2 weeks. Still not installed, but came very well packed, building looks very good and is very beautiful.

  181. 192

    by N***a

    Bought via delivery within Brazil, sent me from China only the core of lock, found that had fallen in a coup, complained and only then sent the rest of lock and still take long to arrive.

  182. 192

    by F***i

    Very excellent and the store is quick to respond and send but before you buy sure of the internal group of your door because I got a problem and I had to ask the piece for a second amount In terms of the device I recommend it and supports the English language

  183. 192

    by A***h

    Excellent as in description.

  184. 192

    by G***s

    Lock exactly as described in AD, easy to use and very safe, and very fast in unlock. About the installation is not difficult, but has Q note the door thickness if narrow Q has cut a little the center pin, but nothing that give much work. For unlock are 2 cards, keys, can register multiple passwords and digital can be generated password in app to unlock, but not unlock via app. Recommend the lock. Taxed in customs R$ 110,00

  185. 192

    by L***o

    Very good

  186. 192

    by I***r

    Good product and helpful store

  187. 192

    by Customer

    The manual installation and use could be more complete.

  188. 192

    by J***O

    My request was made 12/10, only received the product day 21/11, ie 39 days waiting for a product that was the announcement “posted of Brazil” and 10 days after was posted from China. The result was taxed at 180 reais as ordered 02 units. Express has nothing. At least the product arrived and apparently works.

  189. 192

    by S***r

    I arrive incomplete, but the store immediately shipping the missing piece and was always in contact, very good to attention and good product, 100% recommended.

  190. 192

    by A***z

    Fast shipping. Easy setup, if you have problems ask store support. The product is excellent.

  191. 192

    by A***s


  192. 192

    by M***r

    Very good product!, cost benefit. It has No operating instructions and configuration but with some youtube videos it is configured. I already installed it and it’s working. Recommended the product and store it.

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