Skmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 Gang

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1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece1 piece1 Piece1 Piece2 Pieces2 Pieces2 Pieces2 Pieces2 Pieces2 Pieces2 Pieces2 pieces2 PiecesRemote control only
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Skmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 GangSkmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 GangSkmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 GangSkmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 GangSkmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 GangSkmainpw Eu Uk Wireless Switch Remote Control RF433 Golden Black White Crystal Glass Light Wall Touch Switch 1/2/3 Gang

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Touch On/Off Switch

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97 Reviews For This Product

  1. 97

    by M***a

    Switch cool, has not established as the picture and description

  2. 97

    by E***h

    Order the first time. Match the description. Fast shipping and fast delivery. Recommend!

  3. 97

    by Customer

    It is good.

  4. 97

    by V***v

    Parcel arrived before the war. because of Shelling could not get. My apartment, a little,, разбомбили рашисты. burn in hell creatures

  5. 97

    by P***v

    Switches on were quickly, but is not connected. Buy the same, but the other store and without the earlier one from the very beginning to work properly. See what happens with these… Try to supplement a review after checking

  6. 97

    by I***k

    Everything is fine. Quickly deliver. Not in check.

  7. 97

    by T***n

    One things Genii והנוחים

  8. 97

    by Y***a

    All great works, prdavtsu +++ ××××

  9. 97

    by K***v

    Works, there is little nuance in the sensor, when you turn off goes out blue light, flickering and then stabilized. See how to continue the work.

  10. 97

    by L***a


  11. 97

    by R***n

    It works

  12. 97

    by A***n

    Super fast delivery. Asked a simple question, whether you can buy separately has a switch with function of remote control, the right answer yes or no and not received

  13. 97

    by L***A

    Switch fire. Recommend

  14. 97

    by R***n

    Fast shipping! Good switch! Work fine, control register!

  15. 97

    by E***r

    Fast shipping, it for 3 days before Pitera. All together, not in check.

  16. 97

    by D***N

    Set for 15 minutes and set up for 15 seconds, it works! Shipping 5 days, courier directly to your home! Recommend!

  17. 97

    by R***r

    It works, remote not tested no batteries.

  18. 97

    by Y***h

    3 Days to Moscow. Everything works fine. Thanks to the store.

  19. 97

    by Y***h

    Come to the marriage. At the same time 2-канала not included. Seller offered to issue in dispute. Dispute is OK. Ordered a new one. Everything works fine. 3 – 4 days to Moscow. Thanks to the store.

  20. 97

    by N***n

    It works, only panels come without batteries

  21. 97

    by Y***v

    All switches and remote work.

  22. 97

    by M***a

    Cool, it works

  23. 97

    by V***v

    All perfectly packed! Thank you! Super! Recommend to everyone! will be installed.

  24. 97

    by Customer

    Few connection descriptions

  25. 97

    by Y***v

    When checking the operation of the received switches, all are correct.

  26. 97

    by A***v

    Fast shipping! I didn’t!

  27. 97

    by Customer

    Delivery by courier to the other end of the city, brought directly to work, did not try, no batteries

  28. 97

    by Customer

    The order came quickly, well packed, corresponds to the description and photo. I did not stay in work.

  29. 97

    by A***v

    Work all good!

  30. 97

    by B***y

    Thank you very much. everything is very fast.

  31. 97

    by S***n

    The switches are working.

  32. 97

    by D***v

    Thank you all super! Fast delivery, installed connected everything works with the console.

  33. 97

    by S***r

    It’s fast product perfect sells very good thank you very much

  34. 97

    by V***v

    Everything is fine! Seller Thank you!

  35. 97

    by V***v

    Everything is fine! thank you to the store!

  36. 97

    by R***h

    Fast shipping. Good functionality and full working capacity of the device. In the kit there is a capacitor for inclusion in the line, if you have a flicker of LED or energy-saving lamp. To program the remote button on the on. W/o Load off: 1. Press and hold “key” until the switch is fed single signal; 2. press the selected button on the remote. To program the remote button on the on load: the same, only two signals; for programming on the off load-three signals. On one button of the remote you can snap up to three “keys” of the switch. With a four-fold signal, memory is erased. The switch has two drawbacks: 1. marking glossy surface; 2. no tactile response. Now, to press “key”, you need to aim well into the desired area of the switch.

  37. 97

    by I***r

    The instruction for Russian is missing, although it’s time to learn our language, also there is no botaraik in the remote.

  38. 97

    by R***r

    Switch buy second time all good

  39. 97

    by R***v

    The goods are delivered in 3 days. It’s a record! Packed perfectly. I installed it, I trained the remote. Everything works. I liked everything. I think about buying more.

  40. 97

    by П***в

    Externally everything is OK Packing Khan, the goods are whole.

  41. 97

    by A***v

    A good switch, the remote is prescribed by holding the sensor and the buttons on the remote to the sound signal! It is included in a standard round box, it is fixed with self-nuts, there is no breakage. Ordered another one.

  42. 97

    by N***k

    Connected while one, chandelier with LED lamps, blinked when off switch. To remove blinking removed the capacitor and everything became good. The remote is programmed in the light on, set the button on the switch and remote, the switch is Picket and everything is ready. From Moscow to Vladivostok reached in 4 days taking into account delivery by courier. Thanks to the store, everything is packed well. Recommend.

  43. 97

    by B***o

    Very good, fast shipping

  44. 97

    by R***r


  45. 97

    by D***r

    Battery A23 in the remote. + 180 rubles to the price. Delivery is super fast, Courier. Satisfied. Works fine

  46. 97

    by 7***r

    Everything works. 0 no need. Remote control.

  47. 97

    by V***r

    It’s fine. It is a pity only that the remote without a battery

  48. 97

    by D***N

    For a sample first ordered one, works fine! With joy ordered two more, came quickly in 4 days, but did not check yet, I hope that everything will be fine!

  49. 97

    by B***y

    Thank you very much everything is fine

  50. 97

    by O***n

    Connected, tied the remote, everything works fine.

  51. 97

    by 9***n

    Nice switch. Recommend

  52. 97

    by D***v


  53. 97

    by A***v

    The sensor works a little not clearly as if with delay, also with Pulita

  54. 97

    by 2***r

    All installed, works fine

  55. 97

    by K***a

    Everything is received intact. Great packaging. Quality remote. After installing the review I will add.

  56. 97

    by V***n

    Nice switch. Everything works.

  57. 97

    by L***.


  58. 97

    by J***P

    Fast shipping, good quality.

  59. 97

    by N***v

    The parcel came quickly, packed normally, in the kit all as in the description, but the screws are short, while fixed temporarily on others. The switch itself looks quality, although in real life a little color can be darker, the sensor is responsive, you need to get right on the mug. I did not use the remote control, I will later.

  60. 97

    by A***k

    Excellent switch, easy to install. To connect with the remote, you need to press the switch button simultaneously with the button on the remote for 5 seconds, the signal will happen and the remote will synchronize with the switch. It is not clear or you can buy another switch without a remote, and tie it with other buttons located on it (on the remote 4 buttons) Delivery to Israel is very fast, received within 2 weeks, thanks to the store!

  61. 97

    by A***v

    20 days in the Moscow region. quality is excellent! already put. the truth of the year after three burned a blue LED on one button and now a replacement.

  62. 97

    by V***v

    Thank you.

  63. 97

    by R***s

    works really well.

  64. 97

    by D***V

    All good parcel received thank you, I’ll add if I stop working.

  65. 97

    by D***V

    All well the parcel received thanks

  66. 97

    by V***n

    Order came quickly. Received in the five) in the kit as usual, instruction, diode and remote control without batteries, fasteners two bolts. Everything works!

  67. 97

    by A***r

    It came quickly, do not say anything. Everything, as promised-on time. Goods-without damage, the kit corresponds (capacitor, fastening). I checked the performance-like, everything is OK. And even from the console everything works, and not only from the staff: I tried my control panel (it’s universal), it also works with it. In general, everything is fine, only there is one thing: something The status indicators are visually flickering. In the state “off” (purple) is especially noticeable. I still have 3 such switches installed-no where they do not flicker, did not notice. And here, for some reason, such an effect (Defect?) as if they had not filtered the nutrition of the scheme. If it doesn’t work, for God’s sake, but… Slightly strains somehow:-/ I put down the top ball for now, if I add anything.

  68. 97

    by S***k

    Nice thing! The sensor works fine. The remote did not tie.

  69. 97

    by S***k

    Delivery in time Tracking all the way Everything works Everything is fine Remote connect easily Turn on the light and hold the button to the first signal Then press the button on the remote I immediately earned everything

  70. 97

    by V***v

    I liked the goods. Recommend!

  71. 97

    by A***v

    Only 4 days in the Moscow region! a switch of excellent quality!

  72. 97

    by T***n

    Excellent switch, cool, everything corresponds, I will order more, the remote is fastened easily, only you need to know how))), connects also easily, the remote takes even from. and get off the bed! Came in 3 days, I recommend the store!))

  73. 97

    by J***k

    Everything works, the triple switch is connected to the remote!

  74. 97

    by G***m

    Touch switch/switch, for two connections. This is the first time I’ll set it up. And then the constant cladding with a simple switch is tired. I will complement the review after installation and commissioning. The battery is very small it would be better to make a AAA battery size not at the bottom but at the side of the battery installation. It is possible to control through a smartphone that pleases.

  75. 97

    by R***n

    The goods are satisfied! Fast shipping!

  76. 97

    by E***a


  77. 97

    by D***k

    1) thanks to the courier for courtesy and the store for the prompt delivery. 2) connected everything works, except for the remote did not buy another battery 3) candensator did not put because the lamps do not flash

  78. 97

    by V***o


  79. 97

    by V***o

    Ok. everything works, the remote is tied.

  80. 97

    by Customer

    Got everything fast. I did not have time to install, but everything looks fine

  81. 97

    by N***v

    All in the best form works, the surface without a narrow strip is even, and in the photo there is a diagonal. In the outlet immediately did not enter and the fastener did not fit, glued to the wallpaper-no touch load. The capacitor connected-the lamp blinks, without it it works fine. The remote control has a stupid battery, it will have to be modified. In general, a beautiful switch and works well without a remote. I took one lamp. Went as usual, tracked.

  82. 97

    by Customer

    Easy installation, the remote is connected easily, it works quickly without delays, I hope it will last a long time.

  83. 97

    by I***o

    Great, the switch works well, thanks to the store!

  84. 97

    by D***v

    OK, everything works

  85. 97

    by T***n

    Norms switch, not the first order, everything works, came quickly, I recommend the store!))

  86. 97

    by Customer

    Works without comments. Batteries for the remote are not included.

  87. 97

    by A***o

    Came quickly everything works for the store thanks

  88. 97

    by V***k

    Translated the instruction from Ang. On Rus., turned off the electricity in the apartment, took off the old switch, installed, according to the instructions, touch. included electricity in the apartment. Works, yay. I have LED bulbs. Set up the remote. But it’s simple. inserted the battery a27-12v into the remote, pressed on the first sensor for a few seconds, up to one sound silk, then pressed any button of the remote, everything. One press the remote button on the second press the off button. I did the same with the second sensor. Yay. Everything works. Thank you to store and alliexpress. I lie on the couch and enjoy my laziness)))))

  89. 97

    by S***n

    Ordered 21.09, and 24.09 was already at the post-dentist in Moscow. It’s OK!

  90. 97

    by T***A

    Delivery is fast, the remote is tied immediately, the switch looks cool, thanks to the store.

  91. 97

    by I***a

    Fast delivery. how to install the feedback.

  92. 97

    by S***g


  93. 97

    by V***n

    Works fine, the distance is good with the remote, it works great.

  94. 97

    by O***r

    Thank you to the store for the fast delivery, the remote immediately made it into work, everything works great.

  95. 97

    by Y***a

    One button is not working

  96. 97

    by I***v

    Delivery is super fast!! Switches fire. I will still order!!

  97. 97

    by Y***a

    Everything works, everything is fine

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